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GMS: view installation via 2PC


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    • 3.6.2
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      Investigate whether view installation should optionally be done via 2PC. Example:

      • View is A,B,C,D, splits into A,B and C,D
      • Before AB is installed in A and B, view A,B,C is installed
        • (C hasn't been suspected yet. This can happen with FD)

      Infinispan's rebalancing algorithm has problems with this, as it tries to assign state to C which however isn't reachable from the A,B side of the network partition. It would be better if A,B,C,D went directly to A,B and C,D

      Investigate whether we should add a property to GMS which defines whether to use 2PC for view installation (default would be false). The algorithm would work as follows:

      • Send a PREPARE_VIEW(view) message
      • When all responses have been received -> send a COMMIT_VIEW message
      • Else
        • Inject SUSPECT(C) event for all misisng acks OR
        • Set a timer to go off in N ms -> when it fires, send the COMMIT_VIEW msg
        • If another view is installed before the tmer goes off (e.g. A,B) -> kill the timer

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