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GMS: low leave_timeout may cause incorrect view installation


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      • {A}
      • B joins, then C, the view is A2= {A,B,C}
        - No messages are sent
        - GMS.leave_timeout=100
        - NAKACK2.xmit_interval=1000
        - A leaves gracefully (JChannel.disconnect())
        - A multicasts B3={B,C}, the seqno is #3
        - B discarded A#2 (view {A,B,C}

        ), as it was not yet server

      • B now asks A for retransmission of #2 before it can deliver #3 (the new view)
        (- The retransmission kicks in ca. every 1 sec)
      • However, A is gone, so C will loop asking A to retransmit #3 and will therefore never install view B2 !

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