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Registering trusted server certificate via configuration builder does not work on Windows


      The method sslConfBuilder.Enable().ServerCAFile(filename) doesn't work on Windows and the trusted server certificate has to be registered manually.
      However, the ServerCAFile still has to be used otherwise JDG throws the following error when calling an operation on the cache:

      4:    System.AccessViolationException : Attempted to read or write protected mem
      ory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.
      4:    at Infinispan.HotRod.SWIGGen.hotrodcsPINVOKE.new_RemoteCacheManager__SWIG_
      4(HandleRef jarg1, Boolean jarg2)
      4:    at Infinispan.HotRod.SWIGGen.RemoteCacheManager..ctor(Configuration config
      uration, Boolean start) in C:\workdir\dotnet-client\build_windows\swig\RemoteCac
      heManager.cs:line 96
      4:    at Infinispan.HotRod.RemoteCacheManager..ctor(Configuration configuration,
       Boolean start) in C:\workdir\dotnet-client\src\main\cs\Infinispan\HotRod\Remote
      CacheManager.cs:line 61

      More information in the linked JIRA.

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