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Inadequate documention surrounding setup of HotRod .NET client project


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      The documentation around how to actually use the installed HotRod .NET DLLs and other library files is lacking.

      The following must be conveyed in the documentation for a successful setup of a C# .NET project involving HotRod DLLs:

      Configuration of project and environment variables

      1. The PATH environment variable has the following folders in the exact order shown below:
      • C:\Program Files\infinispan-hotrod-dotnet 8.3.0.Final\bin
      • C:\Program Files\infinispan-hotrod-dotnet 8.3.0.Final\lib
      1. On the Project properties, under Build (tab), Prefer 32 bit is unchecked

      Adding hotrodcs.dll as a Reference to the Project

      In the Solution Explorer view → Project → References, right click on the references and choose Add Reference. In the window presented, click on Browse to locate the hotrodcs.dll and click on OK. This step will allow you to use the HotRod C# API in your project

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