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It should be possible to set or change Logging levels via environment


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      To set dedicated categories for logging DEBUG/TRACE there is no environment variable to do so.
      It can not done for all started pods. the only way at this point is to use the CLI to change the configuration at runtime, but this has some important drawbacks

      • DEBUG or TRACE flag might be cached static in some classes for performance
        so the change at runtime has no effect
      • It is not possible to analyze errors during boot time as there might be no ERROR/WARN/INFO messages what is wrong
        The container shows a summary that there are some failures during boot
        or worse the pod will be killed imediately

      The environment setting should have key values to enable new or change existing categories like

      LOG_ROOT=TRACE <- change <root-logger><level name=........>
      LOG_org.infinispan=DEBUG <- might remove exixting and add
      <logger category="org.infinispan">
      <level name="DEBUG"/>

      Note that the category might be case sensitive!

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