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WS-Policy code-first improvements




      I'd like to see some kind of ws-policy oriented tooling in JBossWS. Ideally we should provide some mechanisms for basic code-first development; currently stuff like ws-security configuration through policies is actually contract based: the user is expected to either provide a wsdl with proper policies or to use policy attachment, which is basically the same, writing the actual policy assertion is required.
      An idea could be to have a group of pre-defined policy assertions' sets for known scenarios (for ws-security those could be based e.g. on the Oasis WS-Security Policy Examples [1]). Each set would be composed of 'placement points' with a policy to be attached at each of those points. We'd then possibly have a custom CXF FactoryBeanListener to be registered in the FactoryBeanListenerManager; the new listener would perform something similar to what the PolicyAnnotationListener does (based on the @Policies/@Policy in the code), that is attaching policies to the proper attach points. An additional step would be to support merging (effective policy through Neethi?) multiple sets at the same time (say, you want e.g. a specific ws-security set plus a ws-rm set).
      With such thing, we could provide the initial sets and let users pick the sets they want for a given endpoint (perhaps through a custom annotation, or possibly better specifying the sets' names within a property in a selected Endpoint Config).
      The initial policy sets could be stored as xml files in one of the jbossws-cxf jars and we could provide a mechanism for reading additional ones from the current classpath (to let users add additional ones).
      Finally, this would open up to further tooling improvements; e.g. 1) wsprovide could be enhanced to process the @EndpointConfig annotation, get the policy sets and produce a ws-policy enabled wsdl, 2) we could even provide an 'educational' gui tool showing assertions enabled/disabled depending on the selected sets, etc.

      [1] http://docs.oasis-open.org/ws-sx/security-policy/examples/ws-sp-usecases-examples.html


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