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[Regression in JBoss 5.x and 6.x compared to 4.x] VFS doesn't support fetching http resources


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      I'm currently working on the porting of our JBoss 4.2 infrastructure to JBoss 5.x, and even maybe 6.x.

      Since JBoss doesn't allow automated remote deployment (i.e., via JMX for example -a manual access to the JBoss console is necessary) of applications (WAR, EJBs, EARs, etc.), we used to call the JBoss MainDeployer's deploy method with a URL pointing to an HTTP URL which contains all our deployable artifacts.

      As of JBoss 5.x, this broke. I'm attaching stack traces for JBoss 5 and JBoss 6; in JBoss 5 we clearly see that org.jboss.virtual.VFS.getVFS throws: java.io.IOException: No context factory for

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