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Use Agroal for standalone narayana JDBC (and connection pooling) support


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      Narayana supports transactional applications which access databases using the JDBC APIs. When running in a Java SE environment we supply JDBC support via our own Transactional Driver [1,2]. However there are more modern frameworks that are better suited to this need which, additionally, also provide connection pooling.

      This feature enhancement is to ensure that standalone narayana users may easily integrate with at least one of these and the the library of choice should be Agroal [3].

      [1] https://narayana.io//docs/project/index.html#d0e3208
      [2] http://jbossts.blogspot.com/2017/12/narayana-jdbc-transactional-driver.html
      [3] https://agroal.github.io/docs.html

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