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Performance regression tests should consult the "Score Error" before reporting regressions



      We perform microbenchmark performance testing of JTA and we have Jenkins CI jobs (btny-pulls-performance and narayana-performance-version-comparison) that do regression testing against different versions of the product.

      These tests use JMH to perform the test runs. The results of each run are reported as a CSV file in the following example format:

      "Version","Benchmark","Mode","Threads","Samples","Score","Score Error (99.9%)","Unit"

      This example shows a comparison between versions 5.5.32.Final and 5.9.0.Final. The data shows that
      we measured using a mode called "thrpt" (ie transactions per second or TPS) and the Score shows the TPS was 217253 vers
      us 216552. There is also a Score Error which I understand indicates the upper and lower error bars for the measurement.

      None of our jobs take account of the error bars when reporting regressions. What we need to do is look at the Score Error to see if the runs are within tolerance before reporting a regression.

      An example of how to manually run a regression test is as follows:

      git clone https://github.com/jbosstm/performance # clone the performance git repo
      cd performance
      export JMHARGS="-t 240 -r 30 -f 3 -wi 5 -i 5" # tune the test using JMH config params
      # and then do a performance run:
      export version=5.5.32.Final # set the target narayana version
      ./build.sh -f narayana/ArjunaJTA/jta/pom.xml clean install -DskipTests -Dnarayana.version=$version
      java -classpath narayana/ArjunaJTA/jta/target/classes/ -Dcom.arjuna.ats.arjuna.common.propertiesFile=jbossts-properties.xml -jar narayana/ArjunaJTA/jta/target/benchmarks.jar io.narayana.perf.product.NarayanaComparison.* $JMHARGS -rf csv -rff io.narayana.perf.product.NarayanaComparison-$version.csv

      The results are in the named csv file.

      Then do the same for the second version

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