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Nested LRA doesn't start in the Spring Boot + JAX-RS application


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      For demonstrating purpose, I migrated flight service from narayana quickstart to the Spring Boot application and uploaded it to the attachment.

      When I stop debugger in the original swarm flight service (FlightParticipant line 64), the @HeaderParam(LRA_HTTP_CONTEXT_HEADER) String lraId, is new for that service. When I stop debugger in the SpringBoot+JAX-RS, the lraId is the same as for a parent. It looks that the ServerLRAFilter doesn't start the new LRA.

      I add a breakpoint to the ServerLRAFilter.filter(...) to see when the filter is applied and create new LRA before the JAX-RS method. When I call original swarm flight service, the filter is used however when I call SpringBoot flight service, the filter is not used so it looks that the filter is not used at all in the SpringBoot+JAX-RS application.

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