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NestedTopLevel transactions do not rollback state on exception


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      See attached file and Description field

      See attached file and Description field

      The attached file is a reproducer. Drop it into the STM tests directory and run to see the failure.

      It creates two transactional objects A and B. B is further annotated with @NestedTopLevel. The test:

      • starts a transaction A;
      • calls a write method on A;
      • then calls a write method on B which throws an exception;
      • aborts or commits A (either outcome produces the error)

      Since the container starts a top-level transaction for the call to the method on B I would expect it to abort it if the B method throws an exception. What I find is that it will always call commit.

      This behaviour limits the usefulness of @NestedTopLevel when such methods are called inside an existing transaction since there is no mechanism for rolling back changes.

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