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Create a zip with all javadocs included


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      Currently javadocs are split by component. It would be convenient to produce a single bundle of javadocs of all project as well for ease of publishing on the site.

      What we are proposing is to produce a single Javadoc artifact for the Narayana project which has all the public API stuff (ignoring */internal/*). Same as what you get with the JSE or JEE javadocs. A single link for users to see all public Narayana javadoc.

      Each component will create its own JavaDocs as normal but a single uber zip would also be produced and this is what would be published on the site.

            gtrikler@redhat.com Gytis Trikleris (Inactive)
            gtrikler@redhat.com Gytis Trikleris (Inactive)
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