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Merge the documentation manuals together


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      The documentation for our project is available here:
      Narayana Documentation 5.0.2.Final - JBoss Community

      As you can see it consists of several downloads including multiple books, links to various JavaDocs and some IDL files. Personally I think it might be easier to locate documentation entries if there is a single document to consult and a single JavaDoc link. I consulted our users whether anyone would object to us producing a single document and single JavaDoc set and received no objection. I am also thinking of no longer publishing the IDL as separate files as these are always tagged and available in our repo.

      One way or another we need to make it clear in the docs what is in product and what is in project. Its not quite so important for our community users to know this but when translating docs into product manuals it is crucial. Currently this is done because everything under https://github.com/jbosstm/documentation/tree/master/docs is product related and things one level up are various community projects. An obvious way to merge the docs is merge everything under docs and then everything under ../* except docs - i.e. 2 manuals

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