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Issue with issue recovering AA with CMR, recovers OK but via orphan detection


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    • 4.17.22, 5.0.3
    • 4.17.21, 5.0.2
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      The issue is with the CMR recovery module when it needs to update the underlying AA to modify it with the correct value from the CMR XIDS table.

      If this AA does not have Serializable XARs, it will lead to the Xid being removed from XARM during getNewXAResource (via restore_state of the XARR). When the later AARM tries to recover the AA, it means a corresponding XAR for the XID cannot be located in the XARM by the XARR and an error message is reported.

            thjenkin@redhat.com Tom Jenkinson
            thjenkin@redhat.com Tom Jenkinson
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