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Adding documentation and asset search capabilities to jBPM



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      I am suggesting that you may want to consider adding features described here.


      is a working example of how documentation and asset search capabilities can be achieved. It also includes 3 videos:

      1. Introduction to the tool
      2. A PAM project documentation generation demo
      3. A asset search demo

      Note: I am treating jBPM and Red Hat Process Automation Manager (RHPAM) as one and the same in the suggestions that follow.



      Problem statement

      Customers want to use jBPM for both documentation and execution purposes. They want their jBPM projects to be their single source of truth ... but

      • jBPM is not designed as a documentation tool
      • jBPM allows you to add metadata to the assets you create but no search capabilities
      • Customers want a powerful search capability

      Design objectives

      • Provide documentation/search capabilities in a non-intrusive way
      • Not affect normal usage of Business Central and workflow of jBPM development

      Features proposed

      Features proposed (already implemented in the referenced github project) include:

      • jBPM users can use markdown (a markup language) to provide metadata in assets created using Business Central
      • One click generates PAM project documentation
      • One click generates PAM project json documents for Elasticsearch (manual import for now)
      • Uses the power of Elasticsearch/Kibana full-text search to ask questions regarding projects and processes and their assets

      The documentation features is loosely coupled to jBPM and can be added with minimal effort. The search facility may require some thoughts as jBPM already include Elasticsearch. Do we integrate with the jBPM instance or use an external ElasticSearch instance?

      I am happy to contribute my project to jBPM if you find it useful.




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