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Allow navigation from the parent process instance to the child process instance using Process Diagram



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      Customer has a BPMN processes which look like as:


      Parent Process:
      Child process:


      In the browser open parent process instance diagram using below REST API:

      GET http://localhost:8080/kie-server/services/rest/server/containers/{containerId}/images/processes/instances/{processInstanceId}

      If we click on subprocess node it didnt take to the child process diagram. Customer is expecting, after clicking on subprocess node, child process diagram should open, like its happening if process is designed with legacy process designer.

      Important: The use case is not related to Business Central. Customer would like to navigate from parent to subprocess using the diagram resultant from the Kie-Server endpoint mentioned above. Similar behavior does exist if used legacy editor.

      Acceptance Criteria:

      • User should be able to navigate from Parent to its subprocess using in the browser the Kie-Server rest endpoint mentioned in this description, clicking on the subprocess activity in the diagram
      • A new brower tab is opened showing the subprocess diagram (the rest endpoint called indirectly is the same, but using the subprocess instance id)
      • The subprocess is only clickable if the parent process already reached the subprocess (the subprocess instance is available), otherwise the activity is not clickable.
      • This navigation should work on every context (on-premise and OpenShift). Today this behavior is available if used legacy designer instead of Stunner, however, for some reason it does not work if deployed on OCP Environment. Verizon is explicitly asking for verification on OCP. 



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