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Gracefully handle the generic KubernetesClientException on OpenShiftStartUpStrategy




      Scenario 1:
      When two Kieservers pods or more are bootstrapped on multi-KieServer-Pod environment, then there could be a race condition to create config maps by two or more Kieserver pods, the following error could show up in the logs:

      19:01:27,997 ERROR [org.kie.server.services.openshift.impl.storage.cloud.KieServerStateOpenShiftRepository] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 76) Processing KieServerState failed.: io.fabric8.kubernetes.client.KubernetesClientException: Failure executing: POST at: Message: configmaps "authoring-ha-kieserver" already exists. Received status: Status(apiVersion=v1, code=409, details=StatusDetails(causes=[], group=null, kind=configmaps, name=authoring-ha-kieserver, retryAfterSeconds=null, uid=null, additionalProperties={}), kind=Status, message=configmaps "authoring-ha-kieserver" already exists, metadata=ListMeta(_continue=null, resourceVersion=null, selfLink=null, additionalProperties={}), reason=AlreadyExists, status=Failure, additionalProperties={}).

      This error could be safely ignored since the ConfigMap will be created and the pods will work normally.

      The proposed change is to add a new catch in this part of the code to handle this exception as a warn that can be safely ignored.

      In 7.4.0 a "Known Issue" should be documented alerting users that this error message can be safely ignored explaining that is a simple racing condition to create the configmap used by Kieservers during runtime. The configmap will be created and the pods will work as expected.

      Scenario 2:
      Intermittently, the Watcher is closed due to random KubernetesClientException, such as this 'too old resource version'.

      �[0m�[0m12:20:15,553 INFO  [org.kie.server.services.openshift.impl.OpenShiftStartupStrategy] (OkHttp Watcher closed.
      �[0m�[0m12:20:15,554 INFO  [org.kie.server.services.openshift.impl.OpenShiftStartupStrategy] (OkHttp too old resource version: 750726 (779798)

      It could be related to known issues from k8s or f8 kube-client. While waiting for the lower level lib to address such issue, from upper level API client perspective, potential options are:
      Option 1 (Short Term):
      Escalate log message level, gracefully terminate Watcher thread, and recommend a Pod recycle.

      Option 2 (Long Term):
      Refactor out the Watcher logic from OpenShiftStartupStrategy into a dedicate component with enhanced resiliency, such as being able to restart Watcher should it exits abnormally.


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