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Legacy (jBPM) Process Designer Removal


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      • Remove the legacy designer (jbpm-designer) from the BC bundle
      • Perform automatic (transparent) migration once opening a legacy process, in order to be properly handled by the Process Designer (Stunner based)
      • [Post Check] Verify that all the IBM security issues, from the spreadsheet, related to the legacy designer, are now fixed, by assuming files or classes are not actually present in the bundle


      • Legacy designer is actually "deprecated", so no new asset can be created, although the bundle is still distributed in order to support migration from older releases. This way once opening a legacy process, the legacy designer still opens and allow users to perform migration
      • Main motivation for dropping the legacy assets from the bundle is due to security vulnerabilities found during RHPAM transition to IBM
      • Applies for latest RHPAM 7.13 bundle to be distributed to IBM (latest community 7.67.X branch https://github.com/kiegroup/kie-wb-common/)

      Eng. Actions

      1. Analysis
        • Identify active dependencies and usages for legacy designer accross BC scope (backend services, other BC assets, runtime management views)
        • Analyze if it's possible to use the migration service on background, once opening a legacy process
          • VFS operations & checks
          • Process SVG also being generated
          • Migration code dependencies & usage
          • Manage migration errors
      2. Execution
        • Achieve transparent server side migration, (operations must be completely decoupled from legacy designer)
        • Removing legacy designer form bundle
          • BC assets / references
          • Backend services
          • Any client public resource (eg: js, html, images and any other static resource being accessible)
          • ApproachA: dropping all dependecies and usages from the codebase itself
          • ApproachB: filtering out ALL assets from the bundle only, codebase not necessary being removed
        • Testing (manual / unit)

      Acceptance criteria

      • Legacy Designer is completely removed from Business Central
        • It is neither possible to create nor open legacy processes.
        • Verify, the security issues are gone by checking no assets from legacy designer are longer present in the BC bundle (eg: html, js, etc).
      • Automatic legacy process migration
        • When trying to open a legacy process (the files with bpmn2 extension), the application performs an automatic and transparent process migration in the server side and open it in the Stunner based Process Designer.
        • Both bpmn and bpmn2 files will end up in the VFS for the actual project as well as shown among other assets.

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