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Forms are rendered without Accordion elements when starting a process from Business Central


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    • 2022 Week 08-10 (from Feb 21), 2022 Week 11-13 (from Mar 14), 2022 Week 14-16 (from Apr 4), 2022 Week 17-19 (from Apr 25), 2022 Week 20-22 (from May 16), 2022 Week 23-25 (from Jun 6), 2022 Week 26-28 (from Jun 27), 2022 Week 29-31 (from Jul 18)

      When running server with system property org.jbpm.wb.forms.renderer.ext set to true, there's different rendering of Start Process modal shown by Business Central.

      When user has generated forms in their project, project is built and deployed there is different rendering of the forms in Start Process modal:

      • In default case when property is not active, there's an accordion element containing two sections: Correlation Key and Form.
      • When this property is active, no accordion is shown and just plain form is rendered. It means there's no way to set Correlation Key in such case.

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            xiabai@redhat.com Xiaofeng Bai
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