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Support for NFS in conjunction with HornetQ HA configuration needs clarification in the HornetQ User Guide


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    • EAP_EWP 5.2.0
    • EAP_EWP 5.1.2, EAP 6.0.0
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    • Previously, the HornetQ User Guide did not contain information on HornetQ HA supported shared stores. The appropriate information has been added.
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      Advice fom Andy Millar on this topic is as follows.

      From email:
      We don't have a performance comparison, we only know that it works under the following circumstances:

      Must be RHEL and using the HornetQ native library with the journal type of ASYNCIO. RHEL's NFS supports both DIRECT_IO and Async I/O, but not all operating systems do that, and for both of those it requires the native library (along with libaio). So, as long as they meet those requirements, then NFS is safe to use for HA.

      From IRC:
      There is a specific section that talks about NFS being not supported. I want to add clarifying language to that. We wouldn't support NFS on platforms other than RHEL, and we only support NFS on RHEL with a specific configuration. That's been wrong in the docs since EAP 5.1.2.

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