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PreDestroy lifecycle callback not called when Activated EJB3 SFSB removal timeout is reached


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    • EAP_EWP 5.2.0
    • EAP_EWP 5.1.2
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    • If a Stateful Session Bean reached its removalTimeout, the system removed the bean without executing the @PreDestroy lifecycle. JBoss will now execute the @PreDestroy annotated method of the Stateful Session Bean before removing the bean.
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      If removalTimeout < idleTimeout then the @PreDestroy callback is not called such as:

      If the removalTimeout > idleTimeout, then it functions as expected:
      INFO [STDOUT] helloWorld-ejb.jar - PostConstruct
      INFO [STDOUT] helloWorld-ejb.jar - Passivate
      INFO [STDOUT] helloWorld-ejb.jar - Activate
      INFO [STDOUT] helloWorld-ejb.jar - Destroy

      When removalTimeout < idleTimeout, if the RemovalTimeoutTask finds the removalTimeout has been reached for a particular SFSB, then it should go from Activated state to PreDestory to non-existent.

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