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Use jbossas-{,web-}tp-licenses to sync all licenses files among RHEL 4,5 and 6


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    • TBD EAP 5
    • EAP_EWP 5.1.1
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    • All licence files have been moved into one distribution RPM to avoid conflicts on operating systems that are not case-sensitive.
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      As found in JBPAPP-6672, there are some minor differences between the license files between our Brew and MEAD build, it would be best to sync them all by grouping them in the jbossas

      {,-web}-tp-licenses rpm which BR's jbossas-tp-mead.
      In 5.1.2, we should have that package built on RHEL 4, 5 and 6, and have the jbossas{,-web}

      package R: the -tp-licenses package and get rid of licenses that are currently packaged with the jbossas



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