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Intermittent issue with generating Web Service classes from WSDL


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      [JBOSS] Failed to Generate Web Service Classes from WSDL
      This case was originally submitted on the Redhat Support site and transferred here to the JBoss Support site. Apologies for the initial lack of information; that information was not transferred over.

      This is a problem that is happening inside JBoss's Developer's Studio. Here are the technologies being used:

      Operating System: Fedora 12
      JBoss Developer's Studio v2.1.1.GA
      JBoss Application Server v5.1.0.GA
      JBoss WS Tools v3.2.2.GA
      Java SDK 1.6.0_17

      I have been creating "Top Down Java Bean Web Services" from a WSDL file using the File->New->Web Service wizard. After the installation of JBoss Dev Studio, this function worked perfectly and created all the necessary classes in the package that I was specifying.

      After a few weeks, this function seemed to become slightly broken. All of a sudden, going through the same process, I started to receive a "Failed to generate implementation class" error when hitting Finish at the end of the wizard. It stopped creating the Implementation class of the Web Service, but it created the other classes. This wasn't a huge deal because I have been developing the Implementation class myself and it was still providing the other supporting classes for the web service.

      Just recently, this function has stopped working completely. It no longer creates ANY of the classes and I still get the "Failed to generate implementation class" error when I hit Finish at the end of the Wizard.

      When I originally created this ticket on the Redhat Support site, the wizard started to work again while I was taking screen shots to show the errors, but it has stopped working again.
      In addition to the problem above:

      In my WSDL file, I have a function called validLogin that returns a complex object UserBean. UserBean.java is a java object that I created. It resides in another project called "Commons" inside of JBoss Dev Studio under the package "com.beans"

      When I first created this WSDL file, I believe it worked fine by just putting in "com.beans.UserBean". The wsdl file seemed to pick up the UserBean object automatically because I have the Commons project linked to the accessdb project through the Build Path.

      Now this function doesn't seem to be working anymore. When the "web service wizard" was working or if I do the "create web client from wsdl wizard", it doesn't seem to recognize the UserBean class in the Commons project. It tries to make a new object called ComBeansUserBean as well as UserBean.

      Can you instruct me on the best way to tell my WSDL file to return a complex object residing in a different project using the Design view of the wsdl creator?

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