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Missing entries in New Project Example dialog


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    • 4.30.x
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      Description of problem:

      When running https://github.com/lgrossma/jbosstools-integration-tests/blob/maven/tests/org.jboss.tools.maven.ui.bot.test/src/org/jboss/tools/maven/ui/bot/test/conversion/MaterializeLibraryTest.java via maven, creating a new Example (File -> New -> Example), selecting Jboss Tools Project Examples results in page with multiple projects you can choose from, but the list is missing "Jboss Maven Archetypes" entry which results in test failure

      Workaround: Start test manually from eclipse via Reddeer

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. If you don't want to start all tests, comment out everything except MaterializeLibraryTest.class from https://github.com/lgrossma/jbosstools-integration-tests/blob/maven/tests/org.jboss.tools.maven.ui.bot.test/src/org/jboss/tools/maven/ui/bot/test/MavenAllBotTests.java

      2. Get to the


      3. run

      mvn clean verify -U -PITests -Pdownload-jbt -DskipTests=false

      4. Test fails because entry in list is missing

      Possible cause is probably missing entry in MANIFEST.MF file, but can't figure out which one is missing

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