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CDK tooling cannot get into Started state even though cdk is actually started on windows 10


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    • 4.21.0.AM1
    • 4.19.1.Final
    • cdk, openshift
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    • Sprint #206 Aug 2021
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      1. Prepare CDK server adapter and have CDK 3.16.0 set (setup-cdk called)
      2. Start server adapter
      3. ASSERT: adapter is in starting state and Job 'Starting Container Development Env.' is running - PASS
      4. ASSERT: Progress from cdk in Console log suggests that cdk is successfully approaching spinning up all tasks - PASS
      5. ASSERT: Inspecting CDK environment job is being executed and Openshift connection is created, user is asked to accept SSL Self Signed Certificate - FAIL
      Actual result: Error saying that CDK failed to start appears (or similarly just with timeout), though, console log shows that CDK is started.

      I am suspecting latest windows 10 update (now running build 18363 - version 1909)

      See attached pic:

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