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JBoss tools plugin not working properly with Eclipse 2021-03


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    • 4.21.0.AM1
    • 4.19.0.Final
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      Hi There,
      I've installed the JBoss plugin(4.19) from eclipse marketplace for eclipse IDE(2021-03). After installing the plugin, whenever i'm starting to work on something the IDE is getting freezed and not responding(particularly for code suugestion it's crashing like anything  and gets freezed ) at all and everytime it becomes so slow that I've had to run the task manager of OS to kill the IDE. But before the installation of plugin IDE was working perfectly. I've also downloaded the IDE and plugin multiple times thinking of that,  some problem might have happened to the downloaded file or it might have got corrupted but the result was same each time. And as per my system configuration I'm having a laptop of 256 gb of SSD and 8 gigs of Ram and having a OpenJDK 11 installed. Please refer this screenshot of my IDE to get a better picture on the issue

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