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Server adapter: should error if port forwarding fails



      1. ASSERT: have a crc cluster installed where you didnt approve the certificates: https://github.com/code-ready/crc/issues/218#issuecomment-501099558
      2. ASSERT: have an app (with a pod) running
      3. EXEC: create a server adapter for it and start it
      4. ASSERT: syncing fails
        OpenShiftBinaryCapability process exited: WARNING: cannot use rsync: rsync not available in container
        WARNING: cannot use tar: tar not available in container
        error: No available strategies to copy.
        Could not sync folder /Users/jkopriva/workspace_4589/.metadata/.plugins/org.jboss.ide.eclipse.as.core/123@eap-app/deploy to all pods.
      5. EXEC: check if the port forwarding for the pod (of your app) is "Started"

      The port forwarding for your pod is "Stopped". If you try to start it it'll fail with the error

      OpenShiftBinaryCapability process exited: error: error upgrading connection: error dialing backend: remote error: tls: internal error

      Expected result:
      Starting the server adapter should fail and notify that the port forwarding failed. Currently only the next step where syncing is attempted fails.

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