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Connection Wizard: Parse Login command (that was copied to clipboard by the web-ui)


    • devex #159 December 2018, devex #161 January 2019
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      The OpenShift web-ui provides a menu entry that creates the oc login command in your local clipboard: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/49548380/cannot-find-openshift-3-login-details-for-eclipse-with-jboss-tools/49553529#49553529
      Currently, Eclipse users would have to paste it to some notepad and use the info in it to manually create a connection. The tooling could facilitate this by parsing the clipboard and creating a connection:

      The Eclipse
      There could be a button for parsing login command in clipboard.
      1. User logins in web browser in OpenShift Console.
      2. User clicks on "Copy Login Command"
      3. In OpenShift tooling there could be button for parse login command from clipboard.

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