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remove features from JBoss Tools, Devstudio, and Central, which were deprecated in 4.5


    • devex #148 April 2018
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      In JBIDE-25736 we deprecated these projects:

      • jbosstools-portlet
      • jbosstools-aerogear
      • jbosstools-browsersim
      • jbosstools-livereload

      So, in 4.6, we should remove them.

      At 9:47am on April 24, 2018, Nick asked this question in Mattermost:

      Nick Boldt: since we deprecated portlet, aerogear, browsersim, livereload in 11.3, can we REMOVE them in 12.0? https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBIDE-25736
      Bob Davis: @nickboldt yes. unless there's a technical requirement to keep them

      We should probably also remove the deprecated Openshift v2 and Seam stuff from Central.

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