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TP: update target platform & Central to Oxygen.3a


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    • 4.5.3.Final
    • 4.5.3.AM1
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    • devex #145 February 2018, devex #146 March 2018, devex #147 April 2018

      Switch to the latest Oxygen.3. Bits will be available starting in 4.5.3.AM2 sprint but won't be GA until 4.5.3.AM3 sprint. Then we'll move up to Oxygen.3a and Jetty 9.4.9 [1] for the Final/GA sprint.

      Also need to update to Spring 3.9.3 [2] in Central.

      [1] http://download.eclipse.org/jetty/updates/jetty-bundles-9.x/9.4.9.v20180320/?d
      [2] http://dist.springsource.com/release/TOOLS/update/e4.7

      May need an update to 9.4.10 if it's released soon (bug fix in Fedora - ping Mat for details)

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