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IT: tests should be able to run individually and reuse resources


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    • Affects Version/s: 4.5.1.AM3
    • Fix Version/s: 4.18.x
    • Component/s: openshift
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      allow tests to be run individually and re-use OS resources
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      To Do


      • integration tests should reuse OpenShift resources, not start from scratch in each test. Creating OpenShift applications for instance can easily take up to several minutes. Multiply this by ex. 100 tests and we're easily at a runtime of several hours for the whole suite.
        The Requirements that we have in reddeer OpenShift were create with re-using resources in mind.
        • Ex. annotating a test class with
          		name = DatastoreOS3.TEST_PROJECT)

          makes sure that there's a project "test-project" that exists in the OpenShift server that's being used. If it exists, the annotation would do nothing. It creates it if it doesnt exist.
          The required project (either pre-existing the test or created upfront if it didnt) is injected into the test via

          protected static OpenShiftProjectRequirement requiredProject;
        • Ex. annotating a test class with
          		project = DatastoreOS3.TEST_PROJECT, 
          		service = OpenShiftResources.NODEJS_SERVICE, 
          		template = OpenShiftResources.NODEJS_TEMPLATE)

          makes sure that the test has a service called "nodejs-example" available. If it exists it wont do anything. If it doesn't, it'll create it using the NODEJS_TEMPLATE provided in the annotation.

      • All tests should be able to run indivdiually. When developing integration tests for a new feature, running the whole suite gets a big impediment. We should therefore allow all tests to be run individually

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