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    • devex #133 Jun 2017

      Fred Bricon,

      Search for your component's New and Noteworthy issues:


      If no N&N issues are found for Project Examples, check if there are issues that SHOULD have been labelled with Labels = new_and_noteworthy, and add them.

      Document the ones relevant for Project Examples by submitting a pull request against:

      If your PR's commit comment is of the form...

      JBIDE-24455 #comment Create N&N for Project Examples 4.5.0.AM1 #close

      ... and your github user's email address is the same as your JIRA one, then this JIRA should be closed automatically when the PR is applied.

      If there is nothing new or noteworthy for Project Examples for this milestone, please reject and close this issue.

            fbricon@redhat.com Fred Bricon
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