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  2. JBIDE-24391 For JBIDE 4.4.4.Final: Find Missing Commits From master for jbosstools-4.4.x
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For JBIDE 4.4.4.Final: Find Missing Commits From master for jbosstools-4.4.x [Freemarker]


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      For JBIDE 4.4.4.Final [Freemarker]: Ensure all commits pushed to master have either been made in jbosstools-4.4.x, or are intentionally excluded from jbosstools-4.4.x.

      Below are listed all commits made to master that have not been found in jbosstools-4.4.x. It is possible these commits do exist in jbosstools-4.4.x, but the patches are not identical. It is also possible that the commits made in master are not relevant to jbosstools-4.4.x or should not be applied.

      If there are no commits listed below, please close (do not resolve) this issue.


      1) Click on each link below.

      2) Evaluate whether the given commit should be in jbosstools-4.4.x

      3) If it should be in jbosstools-4.4.x, please find out why it is not in jbosstools-4.4.x. You may need to browse jbosstools-4.4.x's commit log to find a commit that should match.

      4) If you cannot find a matching commit, and it should be committed to jbosstools-4.4.x, please cherry-pick that commit to jbosstools-4.4.x or otherwise merge it in.

      5) In comments, please indicate any suspicious commits (ie, commits not related to simple version changes), whether it exists in jbosstools-4.4.x, whether you have successfully merged it in now, or whether it is not intended to be committed to jbosstools-4.4.x or is inappropriate for jbosstools-4.4.x.

      6) When all complete, please close (do not resolve) this issue.

      Folder: jbosstools-freemarker at https://github.com/jbosstools/jbosstools-freemarker
      Searching for commits present in master and missing from jbosstools-4.4.x
      Commit hash "63fa6e" is the last common ancestor of master and jbosstools-4.4.x
      63fa6e is 3 commits ago in branch jbosstools-4.4.x
      63fa6e is 2 commits ago in branch master
      Commits missing from jbosstools-4.4.x that are in master:

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