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Server adapter editor, wizard: better tell me what the settings are for



      A server adapter will publish local files to a pod in OpenShift (via rsync). Our wizard and server adapter editors allows to set the adapter to fullfill this task. The wizard and the editor do a poor job explaining the purpose of those settings though:
      The wizard generically states that it does "file synchronization" but fails to tell "from" where to "where"

      The editor is even poorer in usability. It wont say anything about file synchronization and even mixes settings for the source and destination:

      "Source Path" should be right below the "Eclipse Project" since it's providing further details for it. "Pod Deployment Path" should be right below "Resource" (år "Service" in older verisions of this editor" since it provides the path on pods that are identified by "Resource".
      Ideally we'd also add labels "From" and "To" (or similar means to better identify the settings)

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