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Wildfly server adapter does not report error and works inconsistently


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      devex #129 March 2017


      If Wildfly uses 9999 as the management port, then no error is reported but the adapter does not work.
      Here is an except we've got from the customer:

      I have an important update on this. I think it's mostly good news.
      I debugged the issue via a virtual session with the person that develops the WildFly plugin for NetBeans. What we found out is that the management port I was using, 9999, conflicts with Netty. For context, I had to specify a port override since 9990 commonly conflicts with NVIDIA drivers on Windows. As soon as I used a port other than 9999 and 9990 everything worked absolutely perfectly. As soon as I switch to 9999 everything basically breaks without a real error message indicating the underlying issue. Using 9990 on the other hand clearly indicated a port conflict.
      I tried the same thing on Eclipse with exactly the same results.

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