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Environment Variables of application deployment should have different workflow




      Reset All button in Environment Var wizard dialog should get application to default state. At the moment it reset environment variables in the table just to the values at the point of opening the wizard. If I would delete some environment variables and confirm changes, but I would find out I broke something and I would like to rollback it to original state, I would try to reset it with Reset All button. But it won't work for me. This is causing the more serious issue:

      Because we edit same deployment configuration and start deployments from it and in the same time we set number of replicas in other deployment configs to zero. So we don't have the original deployment config and thus we cannot rollback easily (well there is a way but nasty one - edit replication controller, copy and paste environment variables to the deployment config, save it and deploy latest).

      There are 2 options:
      a) Create a new deployment configuration for a new (modified) set of environment variables and create a new replication controller (deployment) from this deployment configuration. There is one con - it can lead to many deployment configurations and replication controllers (for each deployment configuration there would be one replication controller).

      b) Just edit current replication controller (deployment) of an application or create a new one from an existing but with modified env. vars and with correct amount of replicas and set replicas in the previous to 0. And then let respin pods with correct setup. One of those approaches (create/edit RC) would be, I think, more satisfying.


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