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Deploy Docker wizard: Check "Add Route" checkbox for exposing services of docker image by default




      I think usually users would like to expose their services of a docker image being deployed to OpenShift. In the Deploy Image to OpenShift wizard we have a wizard page where mapping of ports is happening and also exposing of services to routes by checking a checkbox "Add Route" is placed there. By default we have this checkbox unchecked, but maybe we should enable it by default. In my humble opinion in many use case there will be an existing docker image of some application and user would like to deploy it to OpenShift and check application whether it is working or use some features of OpenShift itself...

      At the moment we don't have enabled exposing of OpenShift resources in tooling and therefore if user by accident or intentionally click on Finish button in Deploy Image to OpenShift wizard one page earlier (the one where env. vars, scaling and data volumes are located), it produce a running pod with service, but there is no route and it force user to swich to command line to use oc to expose a service to get a route.



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