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Freemarker syntax highlighting issues with square brackets syntax


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    • 4.4.1.AM2
    • 4.3.0.Final
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      Ftl file (square syntax) highlighting seems to have two issues in the latest final, i.e.:

      1. It needs user input to engage (except for interpolation tags, i.e. ${somevariable})
      2. It is stopped by ${somevariable} tags that are NOT within brackets


      This is best exemplified by following beginning of an actual ftl file:
      (1, 2 etc. with stars are my markings for referencing, and are NOT in actual FTL file)

      *1*[#ftl attributes={"layout":"defaultLayout"} /]
      [#if cmpsContainer??]
          [#if cmpsContainer.getComponent('protocols')??]
              [#assign protocols = cmpsContainer.getComponent('protocols') /]
      *3*[@alerts.success placeholder="${defaultPlaceholder}" class="fade alert-fixed"]${uitags.assignmentRemoved}*4*[/@alerts.success]

      The following happens:

      • When opening the file, the only things highlighted are the ${root} and ${uitags.assignmentRemoved} (considered "interpolation" in Freemarker syntax highlighting configuration)
      • You need to write anything at 1 to engage highlighting other syntax, in which case the highlighting runs up until 2
      • You then need to write anything at 3 to continue highlighting, in which case the hightlighting stops at 4, and you then need to write anything at 4 to make it continue
      • Note that the highlighting does NOT stop at ${defaultPlaceholder}

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