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Use RedDeer 1.x nightly in master builds




      Martin said:

      Nick Boldt, ok, I will discuss this with others and then get back to you - I'm not sure if now is the right time to pull a nightly or we should wait.
      I think the intention was to have this in the TP so that we know exactly what is used with which version of JBT - just look in the corresponding TP. That's also how it works for server depending on base - it's the same version. But pointing to RedDeer master repo is different.

      After discussion with Rastislav Wagner, here's our proposal: What if we stick with RedDeer master repo in our pom for integration tests master? For maintenance branch (4.3.x), it's good that we have a stable version of RedDeer in the TP and we can use that. But for JBT master, we can rely on the RedDeer master repo directly and later when we start testing JBT 4.4.0.Alpha1, we may put some version of RedDeer to the TP and switch to that.
      What do you think? Makes sense?

      So if you agree, this would mean that for now we won't use RedDeer in TP 4.60.0 - so either you can just leave it there until we replace it with a new version, or you could even remove it.

      Nick said:

      Makes sense. When stable, add to TP; until stable, just use nightly.

      Re: updating 4.60.0.Alpha1, unless there's a compelling reason to remove it from the TP, I'm good to leave 1.0.1 in there [1].

      [1] http://download.jboss.org/jbosstools/targetplatforms/jbosstoolstarget/4.60.0.Alpha1-SNAPSHOT/REPO/features/

      Let me know if you need assistance setting up your pom to depend on Red Deer 1.x nightly URL.


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