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CDK: Missing PATH for vagrant and VBoxManage on Mac



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      It seems there is no JIRA to track this specifically yet.

      The problem is that CDK tooling relies on PATH to find vagrant. And the "vagrant up" command in turn depends on PATH to find e.g. VBoxManage.

      On Mac, when you start your Eclipse / JBDS as an app by double-clicking an icon on your Desktop or in Finder, the Eclipse instance will have no PATH env variable.

      One workaround is to start your Eclipse from command line by going inside the package:

      cd Eclipse.app/Contents/MacOS

      But this is definitely not the recommended way to start Eclipse - I'm not sure if eclipse.ini is located properly in this case. But at least PATH is correct then.

      There is actually one more workaround. To add your PATH to the Environment tab in Launch config. That works for me.

      So that might be a potential solution to this problem - have a predefined PATH for each OS in case there is none defined in the Eclipse process.

      Previous related JIRAs:
      JBIDE-21175 [CDK] Require better logic to find vagrant.exe / vagrant command
      JBIDE-21172 CDK server in Starting state and cannot be stopped with wrong path to vagrant


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