(2015-11-17 11:42:50) kmarmaliykov: nickboldt: I look into neon M3 and see that there is no jetty 9.2.9 there
      (2015-11-17 11:43:18) nickboldt: kmarmaliykov: yes, 9.2.9 is from Birt site
      (2015-11-17 11:43:21) nickboldt: because Birt needs it
      (2015-11-17 11:43:33) nickboldt: but there's no Birt for Neon yet so we have to include the Birt for Mars
      (2015-11-17 11:43:37) maxandersen: nickboldt: akazakov: are you talking about having birt in Neon ?
      (2015-11-17 11:43:44) maxandersen: afaik birt is dead.
      (2015-11-17 11:43:53) maxandersen: won't participate in neon release afaik.

      (2015-11-17 11:43:56) nickboldt: maxandersen: so we should remove birt from JBT 4.4?
      (2015-11-17 11:44:24) maxandersen: well, check first if birt is actually in neon. if it is not the decision is very easy.
      (2015-11-17 11:44:38) akazakov: +1
      (2015-11-17 11:45:36) maxandersen: if it is in, then lets talk options. but if birt requires us to jump through too many hoops its not worth keeping it in.

      (2015-11-17 11:45:55) nickboldt: birt 4.5.0.v201506092134 is in Neon from 201511131000 (M3) - http://download.eclipse.org/releases/neon/201511131000/
      (2015-11-17 11:47:08) nickboldt: and there's a newer birt 4.5.0.v201510231925 (same major.minor.service, newer datestamp) in http://download.eclipse.org/birt/update-site/mars-interim/

      So, yesterday as part of updates for JBIDE-20976, I pulled a new BIRT mirror here:


      But we could also just use the old one from Mars.0:


      Or we could remove support for BIRT and its webtools / charting integration entirely from JBT 4.4.0.Alpha1, since as Max says BIRT is at EOL.


      Alexey Kazakov: I changed the title from "Remove Birt?" to "Deprecate Birt" as we agreed to deprecate/sunset it for JBDS 10 / JBT 4.4 / Neon.


        1. birt-4.5-vs-mars-interim_summary.txt
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          Nick Boldt
        2. birt-4.5-vs-mars-interim.txt
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          Nick Boldt
        3. birt-depends-on-jetty-deploy-929.png
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          Nick Boldt
        4. birt-depends-on-jetty-osgi-boot-929.png
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          Nick Boldt
        5. birt-wizard-new-library__NEON.png
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          Nick Boldt
        6. birt-wizard-new-library.png
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          Nick Boldt
        7. birt-wizards__NEON.png
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          Nick Boldt
        8. birt-wizards.png
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          Nick Boldt
        9. eclipse-after-birt.png
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          Konstantin Marmalyukov
        10. install-jboss-birt__NEON.png
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          Nick Boldt
        11. install-jboss-birt.png
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          Nick Boldt
        12. install-jboss-birt-sites__NEON.png
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          Nick Boldt
        13. install-jboss-birt-sites.png
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          Nick Boldt

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