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Flaky source lookup while debugging apps deployed on Wildfly


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    • 4.3.0.CR2
    • 4.3.0.CR1
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      When debugging an application deployed on Wildfly, some sources can not be found even though a matching source jar exists in Maven Central.

      • create an html5 app
      • put a breakpoint on MemberService.listAllMembers()
      • Debug As > Debug on Server (choose Wildfly 10)
      • when the web page is displayed, the breakpoint is hit
      • go down the stacktrace, source should be downloaded for each line
      • reach io.undertow.server.handlers.PredicateHandler, no source can be found

      The problem is caused by the class file being found in the wildfly-cli client jar. But it has no matching source jar containing the Predicate.java file. The same class exists in undertow-core.jar, which has a matching source jar. But the source lookup stopped once it found wildfly-cli.jar, regardless if an actual source could be found. It should keep looking until an actual source is found

            fbricon@redhat.com Fred Bricon
            fbricon@redhat.com Fred Bricon
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