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Contribute "Deploy to Openshift" menu in Docker Tools' Image view




      To make this happen we will need docker tooling to provide:

      • ports
      • env variables
      • volumes

      A user will 'deploy to openshift'...I think they might see portions of the 'run image..' menus that are attached but not all. The workflow would be:

      • Ask user about ports, additional env besides those already provided in the image, volumes,
      • Ask about # of replicas, triggers
      • tag and push image to registry (tag=repo/project/stream)
        • repo is either assumed to be Dockerhub, or the route to the OS registry
      • create a deploymentConfig for the selected image
      • create a service for the image
      • optionally create a route

      Consider running oc new-app on an image to see what it generates

      It's possible to contribute a new menu/handler to the Docker Tooling Images view.

      We'd like to be able to select a Docker image from the Docker tooling view, right-click on it and the "Deploy to Openshift"

      The following infos are required to actually be able to deploy the selected image onto OS:

      • the local docker registry. OS will need a route to be able to access it
      • the docker hub registry
      • environment variables
      • ports
      • volumes

      The docker tooling code is available at : http://git.eclipse.org/c/linuxtools/org.eclipse.linuxtools.git

      The IDockerImage is accessible from the image view : http://git.eclipse.org/c/linuxtools/org.eclipse.linuxtools.git/tree/containers/org.eclipse.linuxtools.docker.core/src/org/eclipse/linuxtools/docker/core/IDockerImage.java

      Example of menu contribution: http://git.eclipse.org/c/linuxtools/org.eclipse.linuxtools.git/tree/containers/org.eclipse.linuxtools.docker.ui/plugin.xml#n813

      Currently the search image wizard is not reusable (internal package), if needed, this will require exposing it in Docker tooling for Mars SR1


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