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> (and <) in expressions confuses the editor


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    • 4.4.1.AM2
    • 4.2.0.Beta2
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      In the text editor, > closes the tag even if it's inside a string literal, or inside parentheses. Try:

      • <#assign x = 'x>y'>: Notice how syntax coloring switches to black
      • <#if (x > 0)></#if>: This one also breaks the outline view; no macros after this will appear in it.

      More puzzling cases with <; these break outline view too:

      • <#if x == '<'></#if><#macro m></#macro>
      • <#if x < 1></#if><#macro m></#macro>

      Note: There's an ongoing overhaul of the tokenizers (see in comments), which fixes these, and some more, like the handling of multi-line statements, of '-quoted stings, of FTL raw strings, of 2.3.22 identifier escapings, gives more detailed syntax highlighting, etc.

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