Quick fixes for following problem markers:

      1. "Batchlet "<batchlet-name>" is not found."
      2. "Checkpoint algorithm "<checkpointalgorithm-name>" is not found."
      3. "Decider "<decider-name>" is not found."
      4. "Item Processor "<itemprocessor-name>" is not found."
      5. "Item Reader "<itemreader-name>" is not found."
      6. "Item Writer "<itemwriter-name>" is not found."
      7. "Job listener "<joblistener-name>" is not found."
      8. "Partition Analyzer "<partitionanalyzer-name>" is not found."
      9. "Partition Collector "<partitioncollector-name>" is not found."
      10. "Partition Mapper "<partitionmapper-name>" is not found."
      11. "Partition Reducer "<partitionreducer-name>" is not found."
      12. "Step listener "<steplistener-name>" is not found."

      In case when Batch Artifact class does not exists there should be one of the following quick fixes:

      1. "Create Batchlet "<batchlet-name>""
      2. "Create Checkpoint Algorithm "<checkpointalgorithm-name>""
      3. "Create Decider "<decider-name>""
      4. "Create Item Processor "<itemprocessor-name>""
      5. "Create Item Reader "<itemreader-name>""
      6. "Create Item Writer "<itemwriter-name>""
      7. "Create Job listener "<joblistener-name>""
      8. "Create Partition Analyzer "<partitionanalyzer-name>""
      9. "Create Partition Collector "<partitioncollector-name>""
      10. "Create Partition Mapper "<partitionmapper-name>""
      11. "Create Partition Reducer "<partitionreducer-name>""
      12. "Create Step listener "<steplistener-name>""

      Test case:

      1. Create Batch Project
      2. Create job.xml and open it in Batch Job Configuration Editor

      <job  id="myJob" xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="" version="1.0">
              <listener ref="anyJobListener"></listener>
          <step id="stp1" next="stp2">
                  <listener ref="anyStepListener"></listener>
              <batchlet ref="anyBatchlet">
                  <mapper ref="anyPartitionMapper"></mapper>
                  <collector ref="anyPartitionCollector"></collector>
                  <analyzer ref="anyPartitionAnalyzer"></analyzer>
                  <reducer ref="anyPartitionReducer"></reducer>
          <step id="stp2">
              <reader ref="anyItemReader"></reader>
              <processor ref="anyItemProcessor"></processor>
              <writer ref="anyItemWriter"></writer>
              <checkpoint-algorithm ref="anyCheckpointAlgorithm"></checkpoint-algorithm>
          <decision ref="anyDecider" id="a">
          <flow id="flow"></flow>

      ASSERT: Problem markers appear

      3. Point mouse cursor to uderlined problem in the editor

      ASSERT: Text hoover message appears:

      4. Select "Create Batchlet "anyBatchlet"" quick fix
      ASSERT: New Batch Artifact Wizard dialog appears:

      5. Press Finish button

      ASSERT: Batch artifact class created and corresponded problem in job.xml disapeared.

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