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CLONE: GTK and BrowserSim web engine issue on Fedora




      Here's my bad user experience:

      I'm running Fedora19. I've seen GTK3 issues so I always set 'export SWT_GTK3=0' before starting JBDS.

      I make a HTML5 app, deploy to EAP 6.2 and then try to view on BrowserSim. But when I start BrowserSim I see an error message stating "WebKitGTK 1.2.0 or newer must be installed and in library load path". I've got libwebkit2gtk 2.0.4 installed so don't know how to resolve this.

      After much head scratching I finally remember about BrowserSim GTK preferences and web engine options. Within Window>Preferences>JBoss Tools>BrowserSim/CordovaSim, I see that GTK2 is selected. The GTK2 button label states that this will allow me to use JavaFX which needs Oracle JDK. I don't have Oracle JDK installed as this isn't supported by RH for use with Fedora. Perhaps this is why I see the earlier error message? So I try selecting GTK3. I run BrowserSim again and it starts but then I start to see GTK3 UI issues in BrowserSim.

      So I want to use GTK2 and SWT WebKit for BrowserSim on Fedora. Is there a specific reason I can't (other than the IDE won't let me)?

      1) Can the first error message be more helpful?
      2) Can the info on the error message wiki link be updated to detail why this error is being seen on Linux? (current info about similar message related to Windows and JRE7 issue - needs updating anyway as suggests using Java 6 as fallback for Windows but JBDS 8 doesn't support Java 6 for running IDE)
      2) Can selecting GTK2 set BrowserSim to use SWT WebKit and then users change web engine preference to JavaFX if they want?


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