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OpenJDK seem to have issues with SSL/TLS handshakes when using URLConnection


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    • 4.3.0.Beta1
    • 4.2.0.Final
    • upstream, xulrunner
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      We've received multiple reports about instant crashes of users running JBoss Tools and Developer Studio.

      The common issue is that it happens when they use OpenJDK vm, not Oracle.

      The crash log normally contains something similar to:

      Java frames: (J=compiled Java code, j=interpreted, Vv=VM code)
      j sun.security.pkcs11.wrapper.PKCS11.C_CreateObject(J[Lsun/security/pkcs11/wrapper/CK_ATTRIBUTE;)J+0
      j sun.security.pkcs11.P11ECKeyFactory.generatePublic(Ljava/security/spec/ECPoint;Ljava/security/spec/ECParameterSpec;)Ljava/security/PublicKey;+170
      j sun.security.pkcs11.P11ECKeyFactory.engineGeneratePublic(Ljava/security/spec/KeySpec;)Ljava/security/PublicKey;+80
      j java.security.KeyFactory.generatePublic(Ljava/security/spec/KeySpec;)Ljava/security/PublicKey;+25
      j sun.security.ssl.HandshakeMessage$ECDH_ServerKeyExchange.<init>(Lsun/security/ssl/HandshakeInStream;Ljava/security/PublicKey;[B[BLjava/util/Collection;Lsun/security/ssl/ProtocolVersion;)V+228

      Opening this bug to collect and use a key issue for hunting down the cause.

      Note: This issue is not specific to JBoss Tools as far as I can see, but it does affect us since we lookup a file located behind https url at key times which seem to trigger the crash.

            ibuziuk@redhat.com Ilya Buziuk
            manderse@redhat.com Max Andersen
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