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CLONE - when hyperlinked file does not exist offer to create one


    When Ctrl+clicking on app.js in this snippet:

    <script type="text/javascript" src="js/app.js"></script>

    And the file js/app.js does not exist eclipse just "blinks".

    Better if we could offer creating the file, even just a blank/empty one.

    The same goes for image and css references, all those would be nice not having to go through the full ctrl+N wizard to just create such files.

    Implemented new hyperlink detector which works for follow files: xml, htm, html, jsp, xhtml.
    Hyperlink detector searches in text nodes and attribute values for string which ends with ".js", ".css", ".jsp", ".htm", ".html" and ".xhtml". Hyperlink detector tries to consider that string as a file name and tries to find that file in a project. If there is no such file, hyperlink detector makes hyperlink which offer to create missing file:

    File '<filename>' does not exist. Click here to create.

    Note: name of hyperlink is visible only if there are two or more hyperlinks for the same text region.

    If you click on this hyperlink follow dialog will appear:

    If you select checkbox and press OK, wizard will appear:

    If you press button Finish wizard will create the file

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