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Various issues when viewing WFK quickstarts with the internal web browser


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    • 4.2.x, 4.3.x
    • 4.1.1.Alpha2
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      Various issues are encountered when viewing some of the WFK quickstarts in the Eclipse internal browser:

      • HTML5 elements like header, footer, aside, etc. are not displayed as block elments. since xulrunner 1.9 when used as the internal browser, does not support these elements. This is related to JBIDE-10689.
      • Newer JavaScript features provided in EcmaScript5, like Array.isArray or window.getComputedStyle (that are available in browsers supported by WFK) are not available in xulrunner 1.9, leading to non-execution of JavaScript in frameworks like jQueryMobile 1.3.x, Lo-Dash 1.3.1 etc.

      We should document that the internal web browser is not recommended as a substitute for a real browser. Given the current situation,

      • we should recommend the use of an external browser, or
      • we should toggle the default web browser to an external web browser

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