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BrowserSim: use JavaFX WebView as a browser engine




      JavaFX WebView supports Debugger API and could be embedded into BrowserSim as an alternative to the SWT Browser.


      1. WebView supports Debugger API - we can enable full featured DevTools and/or integrate it with EclipseDebugger
      2. It is available on all OSes where Oracle JVM 7 is installed - no requirement to install Safari and 32-bit JVM on Windows
      3. Can be used together with the SWT Browser (i.e. if there is no JavaFX present, we can fallback to the SWT Browser in runtime)


      1. Not a part of OpenJDK, Oracle JVM 7 only (not sure if JavaFX could be installed standalone)
      2. window.localStorage is not supported (may be a problem for CordovaSim)
      3. Character encoding problems on some installations
      4. Debugger API bindings to Java are not final now - we can face Java run-time errors with later versions of Oracle JVMs

      On the high level our plan is to:

      1. Implement possibility of switching BrowserSim's web engine SWT.WEBKIT / JavaFx WebView. This possibility will be enabled only for windows and mac os users. Due to native errors coupled with gtk3 usage (related jira https://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-35264 ) there will be only one web engine on Linux - SWT.WEBKIT. - Done
      • Disable switcher for Linux platform - Done
      1. Solve perfomance issues. Debugger freezes rather often - Done
      2. Mock javaFX dependencies - Done
      3. Fix LiveReload and Touch Events for JavaFx WebView - Done
      4. Remove submodule - Done
      5. Port for debugging should not be hardcoded - Done


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